Fruity Florals delivers the gift of fresh fruit daily! Whether it be edible bouquets, fruit baskets or fresh platters, we’ve got you covered! 

Sourcing local produce, we create irresistible treats for every occasion- birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events- you name it!

We are the last-minute gift experts delivering same-day freshness to doorsteps in your neighbourhood. 


Melbourne’s Covid lockdowns caused disconnection in everyone’s lives. For us, we felt isolated from our friends and family and found it hard to cope. 

To get through this challenging time, our friends and family used gift giving as a way to connect. We would take turns in dropping off baskets of goodies to each other and found comfort in doing something that filled the time. Those tasty treats were a source of hope and happiness in a -seriously- gloomy time. 

Coming out of lockdown, we wanted to continue this tradition but struggled to fit it in with our busy ‘back-to-normal’ routines- that’s when the idea of Fruity Florals was born! A thoughtful, delicious gift that’s conveniently dropped to your loved one’s doorstep!